Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tights & Bedroom Haul

So 2 pairs of tights I bought previously arrived the other day
I love them both dearly. :)
First to arrive were the Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights:

This is the packaging, the person I bought them from left a lovely note inside too:)
Inside, the tights had a sticker with instructions on exactly how to put your tights on for 'maximum wear', I'd never seen this before but I think it's a good idea for tights over £10 so you get value for your money:).

This is how they look on, please excuse my messy room:

I think they're stunning! Although I really do not want to end up looking like, for lack of a better word, a slut, in these so I will, I repeat, WILL find a way to dress them down.

Next are a pair of tights I'd had my eye on for ages but never had them in store and were sold out when I tried to buy them online.

They are sheer tights with little hearts over them from Topshop, which cost £8 I think. These will add a little interest to any outfit:)

Now for a change of topic, I've recently began to want to update and redecorate my room. I like the floor and walls but as for decor, there's lots to be done. My dad knows how I feel about this and how I want to style my room, as everytime we've been out I've screamed 'CATH KIDSTON' at anything by Cath Kidston, at the top of my lungs. He thinks it all a load of rubbish, but thats just him :). So he was going to Ikea last night and asked if I wanted to go with, obviously I did. I picked up some little string lights to wrap around the bars of my bed and a new duvet and pillow cover, here's how it looks:

(with flash)

(without flash)

I really love the cosy effect it adds to my room, my gran started telling me about how todays fashions are all going back in time xD I also already had these lights which my mum got for me years ago. Theyre also from Ikea and I used them to decorate my desk:

And lastly a little candle and holder from Yankee Candles which I got on Mothers Day, it's vanilla scented and sits on my bedside table but I've yet to use it. I thought the little diamantes were a nice touch to the holder:).

Quite a full blown post there, sorry! That's it from me tonight, now I'm off to revise maths & physics, stress over dancing exams, and have fish & chips.
Have a good night everyone x


  1. i tried to buy the heart tights too and they were sold out :( so i got myself a pair with little dots on :)
    i love the lights in your room too it looks so cosy haha :) xx

  2. ohhh i love tights.
    these are soadorable!<3

  3. really cute tights with the little hearts..and I love ur taste in bedding haha wierd right but the flowers are so cute :]
    and You should try that candle when your really stressed its so relaxxing to have candles in your room after a bad day!

  4. I have lights wrapped around my beddy. :) I love the soft glow it gives.. So cozy. Cute tights, dear! Love your blog too.

  5. oo they look amazing! i might have to get me so
    me of these suspender tights...

    and you know ive supported the full on look and these tights do NOT look slutty at all, as long as you dress them right which im sure you will!

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  6. Pretty, pretty lights!!
    I love tights; I'm so glad the textured ones are back in style now. Yours look great! I really need to go shopping for some!

  7. awww pretty room! i love adding makes any room feel so much more magical. and i LOVE both of the tights! especially the heart ones ^____^

    xo tiffany

  8. Hey its Linzee,

    I've been given a Sugar Doll award and I had to pass it on to 8 people and your one of my good reads LOL so if you wanna do it you can :)

    All the stuffs on my blog..x
    Thanks Lovely x

  9. your tights are awesome!
    coolest thing i saw all day =D

  10. cath kidston!!! (L) we seriously are twins same birthday, & same love affair with cath kidston? oh yes! hahaha xxxxxxx