Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hey people:)
A quick post to say I hope your all having a good weekend, I've had a fairly rough week so hopefully things will begin to sort themselves out now.
I'm at my dads atm and the internet connection is soo slow, as his house is kind of in the middle of nowhere. But the laptop has such a good resolution webcam! I'm so jealous, mine makes everything look cartoonised. Urghh. That's it from now until I'm back to my tolerable internet speed. I took some pictures messing about on the webcam before I have to part with it:)
Thankyou to everyone following me and leaving comments, I really am so grateful for you all:)



  1. Very pretty, I'm jealous of your hair! xx

  2. thankyou everyone:) trust me kirsty my hairs a nightmare!

    the cardigan is from new look, i did a post on it a couple of weeks ago:) xx

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  4. what a cute selca's ! yes, your cardigan is so nice :D