Friday, 5 March 2010


Continuing on from my previous post, it's time to say I'm bored of my long brown hair.
There's nothing really wrong with it, apart from needing a serious good couple of inches cut off due to split ends, and the colour being a little worse for wear, I'm just sick of the same old thing.

Firstly, assuming I had the guts to go through with it, I'd love to get a full head of highlights and have my hair done a caramel/honey blonde colour, I have blue eyes and a fair/tan skintone so hopefully it wouldn't look unnatural. I think everyone wants to try blonde at least once in their lives! I've been dyeing my hair dark for the past 2 years and I think it's time to go for something softer. Here's an idea of the colour I have in mind:

Jessica Alba (another colour inspiration) and Kim Kardashian look beautiful as blondes or brunettes, they both get the colours right everytime. This is the hair colour I have in mind although I really am apprehensive to going this blonde. But I know my mind will never be at rest until I give it a try.

As for the cut, my fringe is in desperate need of attention. I'm sticking to my sweeping side fringe, but I need to get rid of a lot of length. I really love Pixie Lott's 'do;

I think the length is too short for me, but the parting and fringe is perfect and fits what I want exactly. I'd keep most of my length and have shorter layers about jawline to keep it interesting.

Well that's all my ideas for just now, whatever I decide on my hair needs repaired, so I'll definitely be booking an appointment in the next week. I also plan to post some pictures of what my hair is like at the moment. :)


  1. that first hair is sooo gorgeous && beauutiful!

  2. i know! wish my hair was in that good condition haha:) xxx

  3. I like the hair color idea as well as the cut. Both are flattering and really cute in the pics. I shall also do anything to have the hair of the model in the first pic. Cute post!

  4. All the photos are gorgeous.
    I wanted to go blonde a while ago... knowing it wouldn't really suit me but you're right, everyone wants to at least try it. I went so badly orangy ginger lol If I ever go for it again I will just get a lot of caramel highlights and done at the hairdresser.

    You're lucky, I think your complexion would suit blonde and the cuts and styles of these girls would suit you really well too :) xx