Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Haul To End All Hauls

Hey people:)
Me & a couple of friends went to town today to basically spend everything we had, and for me it resulted in all this:

We went to Primark first, I never used to like it but at the moment it's actually amazing. I picked up mostly accessories bar some pyjamas.

I loved this snake ring as soon as I saw it, and you know if you find an equivalent in somewhere like Topshop it'll set you back at least 12 quid, so for £2 why not. The only problem is I misjudged the size and got it too big, so it only fits on my thumb or index finger, still gorgeous though!

I'm going a bit floral crazy atm and I'd had my eye on this bangle for months:) £2.50

5 pairs of pearl earrings for only £1!

I already had these shoes but they had become totally wrecked with the rain, and I loved them too much for that. So I bought a new shiny pair which I'll keep for going out, the ruined pair I'll probably continue to wear for school, £6

A simple set of pj's for only £3.50, loved the shorts and the material is nice and light:)

We then went to Superdrug, where I wanted to repurchase my Dreamy Creamy foundation from Maybelline, but my colour was completely sold out! Again:| I've been looking for it for ages but there's never any left. Sigh.

I've wanted this for soo long but avoided it because of the cost, but Superdrug were selling the Garnier Eye Roll On for only £6.99 so I took my opportunity:) Might do a review on this when I suss out how it all works and see what the results are.

They were selling a selection of Gosh Nail Lacquers for £1, so I bought these two, a base coat and top coat which are both in good condish :)

Gosh Cool Lip Jam's were also on offer, for half price! So I got the shade 106 for £3.50, I used it a few times on the way home and it really does have a lovely cooling sensation, which is very soothing. I also found this was almost identical in scent (I love the smell of these) and consistency to the Lancome Juicy Tubes, if you haven't tried those, the scent is similar to a fruity smell which makes me think of lemonade, and the consistency is thick and sticky. Good colour though.

Then went to Lush. I can no longer walk past that store without ve
nturing in.

I repurchased both Floating Island bath melt and Melting Marshmallow Moment, but was also given a sample of Charity Pot lotion for £1:) Love both these products.

After looking in Boots for my foundation again, no luck, I went to H&M seeing as I had a card with £10 on it to spend at H&M after a refund, and I found this jumper with embellishments on the shoulders which I adoore. It was only £14.99 so it cost me a fiver with the card:)

The last place I bought anything from was New Look, and it was only a selection of little miniature bows with lace detailing which I thought were cute. £3.50 for these.

I actually feel really guilty now for buying so much, I vow not to go shopping again for at least another month and a half, minus my foundation which I desperately need! So I'll not hit the shops again until my birthday.. maybe.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tights & Bedroom Haul

So 2 pairs of tights I bought previously arrived the other day
I love them both dearly. :)
First to arrive were the Henry Holland Super Suspender Tights:

This is the packaging, the person I bought them from left a lovely note inside too:)
Inside, the tights had a sticker with instructions on exactly how to put your tights on for 'maximum wear', I'd never seen this before but I think it's a good idea for tights over £10 so you get value for your money:).

This is how they look on, please excuse my messy room:

I think they're stunning! Although I really do not want to end up looking like, for lack of a better word, a slut, in these so I will, I repeat, WILL find a way to dress them down.

Next are a pair of tights I'd had my eye on for ages but never had them in store and were sold out when I tried to buy them online.

They are sheer tights with little hearts over them from Topshop, which cost £8 I think. These will add a little interest to any outfit:)

Now for a change of topic, I've recently began to want to update and redecorate my room. I like the floor and walls but as for decor, there's lots to be done. My dad knows how I feel about this and how I want to style my room, as everytime we've been out I've screamed 'CATH KIDSTON' at anything by Cath Kidston, at the top of my lungs. He thinks it all a load of rubbish, but thats just him :). So he was going to Ikea last night and asked if I wanted to go with, obviously I did. I picked up some little string lights to wrap around the bars of my bed and a new duvet and pillow cover, here's how it looks:

(with flash)

(without flash)

I really love the cosy effect it adds to my room, my gran started telling me about how todays fashions are all going back in time xD I also already had these lights which my mum got for me years ago. Theyre also from Ikea and I used them to decorate my desk:

And lastly a little candle and holder from Yankee Candles which I got on Mothers Day, it's vanilla scented and sits on my bedside table but I've yet to use it. I thought the little diamantes were a nice touch to the holder:).

Quite a full blown post there, sorry! That's it from me tonight, now I'm off to revise maths & physics, stress over dancing exams, and have fish & chips.
Have a good night everyone x


Hey everyone:) thought I'd do a blog as I'm taking time out at the moment due to serious stress about my dancing exams this Saturday.
I am seriously terrified of dancing exams.
So I'm out shopping this Sunday, my last chance to buy some things before my boyfriend comes to stay with me next week (eep!). There's a tonne of things I've been wanting to buy, and theres no way I'll remember it all (or afford it all)
So why not share them with my lovely readers in the form of a wishlist?
I think I shall. :)

I only recently bought this foundation but found it runs out much quicker than any of my others have, but I actually love the way this looks on my skin so I'm fine with buying it again so soon. Has anyone else used this? I'm interested to know what other peoples experiences have been with it:).

I wasn't interested in this at first because when it comes to Lush, I'm usually only interested in the sweetie type smells like the vanilla range or honey range, but I picked this up and was surprised to find I loved it!

Love this, definitely getting this again.

Not tried the Happy Blooming Bath Melt before but it smells great:)

Stupidly used this wrong the first time! I thought it was a bubble bar as it said 'bubble bar slice' on my packaging. Then found out it was a bath melt. So I'm going to retry.
Some cute pink nail polish. :)
These studs from River Island which I think are lovely.

I also plan to take a long trip into Primark, but seeing as they don't have a website I cannot provide you with images. Basically I'll be repurchasing some white ballet flats of theirs for £6 and a black floral scarf for £3. :)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why Can't This Be Me?

Super quick post as I'm sitting beside my own weight in homework atm, and am about to pop to Ikea to have a look around. I loove Ikea! So that sounds like a good study break to me.

Anyway, an image I came across on a Swedish blog today.
Love everything about it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Of course, she would have on the exact coat I've been wanting my whole life (or at least since the start of this year, but it feels a lot longer). I love the simplicity of the outfit underneath, the hair, the makeup, the bag. The only thing I'm unsure on is the shoes, although I adore the silver studs on them.

So what do you think of it? Love or hate?

Monday, 22 March 2010

Cherry On Top Award!

I was tagged by Kirsty for her very own Cherry on Top Award!
Thankyou so much:) I love love love blog awards, they're such a good way to get to know other bloggers better and connect with people:)

1. Thank the person that gave this to you :) Go on, give th
em a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to :)

3 things I love about myself, a little tricky to think of but heres my attempt:) :

1. The one part of my body I probably take most pride in would have to be my pins, lol. My boyfriend describes them as 'smashing'.

2. I love when I make time to see my friends & people I love, I
think an important part of life is to be surrounded by people who love you for exactly who you are as often as possible.

3. I love that I've managed to become part of such a friendly blogging community, its such a great way to unwind and I love the opportunity to sit and write about what you have a passion for, or anything that crosses your mind:)

A picture I love:
This was taken on the weekend of my 16th birthday when me & my friends went out for the day. Here my friend and I (I'm on the left) are standing in front of a mirror in Glasgow Central Station, with a drum we stole from a band which were due for sound check 10 minutes after we ran off with it. Needless to say they were late for sound check. Me & my friend found it hilarious & the look on their faces when they found us was priceless:)

5 people I pass this to:

Thankyou again Kirsty for the award:) Its such a lovely compliment to recieve one.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

My New Babies.

Hey chicks:)
I'm rather happy.
You see I just won an auction on ebay, yaaay :)
I'm loving ebay nowadays, it was the reason I got to see Lady Gaga in concert, and now it has provided me with a pair of tights which (in my opinion) are to die for.
They were sold out on the topshop website, they're a little risque, my mum was shocked when she saw them, but I think they could look great if worn the right way, and I've been seeing them all over the place recently.
So here they are:

They are the Henry Holland for Topshop suspender tights. They were £12 initially from Topshop, but including postage & packaging that figure goes up to £16. So I got these for £18 in total on ebay, which is only £2 more, which I'm willing to pay for these.
I wear skirts and shorts 98% of the time, so its essential for me to invest in interesting tights. The other 2% will be the extremely rare days when I wear black skinny jeans or just a pair of leggings.
I'm crazily excited now:)
Thankyou ebay!

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hey people:)
A quick post to say I hope your all having a good weekend, I've had a fairly rough week so hopefully things will begin to sort themselves out now.
I'm at my dads atm and the internet connection is soo slow, as his house is kind of in the middle of nowhere. But the laptop has such a good resolution webcam! I'm so jealous, mine makes everything look cartoonised. Urghh. That's it from now until I'm back to my tolerable internet speed. I took some pictures messing about on the webcam before I have to part with it:)
Thankyou to everyone following me and leaving comments, I really am so grateful for you all:)


Friday, 19 March 2010

Interior Inspiration Needed!

Hey people!
I'm in need of help from anyone who can offer it to me:)
I'm desperately wanting to redecorate my room, and I'd love to know of any websites which offer a good range of images for bedroom inspiration. Any websites which offer shabby chic designs, or just basically cute girly ideas for decorating. Or any sites which sell decorations for that kind thing. If you know of any please leave them in the comments below, I'd really appreciate it.

I already have a day bed with white bars around the sides which I love, some candles, fairylights, white walls with a hot pink/reddish carpet, matching curtains, some little white baskets with florals on the inside etc which will all contribute to how I want my room to look. I'm thinking of buying lots of little cushions and maybe reinvesting in a mosquito net, and decorations to hang from the ceiling etc. Any ideas towards this theme would help so much! I love when bloggers do interior posts but I know everyone has other things to blog about than just interiors, but images really will help me in this situation.

Thanks guys:)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Lady Gaga & Beyonce's new video for telephone is outstanding.
I've watched it over and over, you begin to notice the detals for example the diet coke cans rolled into her hair, the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons in the restaurant, the telephone on her head made of her hair.
It's been flagged on youtube for over 18's only but its such an amazing video, I couldn't bare to watch it in anything else but the full version. If your youtube account finds that you are too young to watch it the video is on Lady Gaga's official site, but I noticed the quality wasn't as good.

Video of the Day:


Blog Awards & Update

Hello everyone:)
I've been nominated for 2 blog awards recently, for the first time ever! Excitteed:)
I've been rushed off my feet with school work so sorry for the lack of posts, theres been a million things I've wanted to talk about. I hate how schools expect us to study with the mountain of homework and papers we have to meet deadlines for!
I've also been meaning to begin posting pictures of me more regularly with some makeup looks or outfits etc, here's one for now but I have been fairly unphotogenic this week:

Now that thats over:)
This is really overdue so I wanted to take a little time out now to acknowledge the awards.

The first one is the beautiful blogger award from Cheryl! Thankyou!

the rules:
1. thank the person who nominated me
2. copy the award and place it on my blog
3. link to the person who nominated me
4. tell 7 (oh my) things about
5. nominate 7 bloggers
6. post links to the 7 blogs i nominate

So here are the 7 (fairly random) things I could think of about myself:

1. I hardly ever see any of my extended family. Most of my friends have cousins who live in the same town and go to the same school as us, but the only cousins of mine which live in even the same country as me are all in their mid 20's now, and still live 40 miles away. My dads side of the family live in South Africa and Canada, (which has gave me the chance to visit some great places), but it upsets me a little how I hardly know them. I went to Canada last year for a family wedding and became really good friends with one of my cousins, then had to leave!

2. I have a cat. He was the most accident prone thing on earth at first, its unbelievable that we still have him today in such good health! But I'm happy we do as I absolutely adore him! He's had no problems for a long long time, but when we first got him he had to be put on a drip as he refused to drink water, he was knocked down & had to have a tail and leg amputated, and his hip bone removed, he had to have an operation on his belly button at one point because he was born with a defect to do with it (who knew cats had belly buttons!), and he was diagnosed with athsma. But he's all clear nowdays, infact hes curled up on my lap as I am writing this. <3

3. I am in a long distance relationship and have been for the past 2 and a half years. Everyones always so so shocked when they find out, it gets a little irritating haha. It's unbelievable that it worked out, I turned him down at first because I didn't believe myself that it could. But it's the best decision I've ever made. We both go and visit each other when we can, he surprised me once by turning up at the airport in Glasgow when I came home from Canada, and I know I may be young but I really do love him.

4. I have different obsessions all the time, one month it might be a band or a really talented songwriter, at the moment its the 16th century and anything to do with King Henry VIII and his court. I've just finished reading 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Phillipa Gregory which was amazing, and I'm watching the Tudors series on dvd, haha.

5. I don't have a fricking clue what I want to do when I leave school, it tends to annoy people. I'm trying to keep my options open just now though.

6. I have a small group of friends who I absolutely love, we keep to ourselves most of the time. We were out at a party last Saturday and we noticed that we talk to everyone there for like 10 minutes, then go off ourselves somewhere like loners :L because we enjoy the company of each other more. There nothing like you'd expect them to be from first impressions, theyre genuinely insane. Below is the only recent picture I could find of us all together, im at the back left.
7. My one single goal in life was to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform live, but then John Frusciante left, and now that goal can never really be achieved. Unless he gets back with them.. hintt but until that time I'm still scrounging around on ticketmaster looking for upcoming shows!:) Those facts ended up longer than I had intended, sorry. Here are the 7 blog I nominate, I'm sorry if you already have this award, but I really do love these blogs:

Masie Cotton
Hope Chella

I was also nominated for the Sunshine award by the gorgeous Kirsty, a fellow Scottish girl with a wonderful fashion sense, so thankyou!:)

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Pass the award to 12 bloggers. Link the nominees within your post.
3. Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog.
4. Share the love and link to the person who gave it to you.

So here are the blogs I want to nominate for this one:

Sarah xo

Amy Antoinette
Juicy J

Again I'm sorry if anyone who was nominated already had this award, these are just some of the blogs I love reading and wanted to mention!

This is kind of what happens when I don't blog in a long time, I end up with a huge exhaustingly rambly post, so sorry:) I love awards, so thankyou again to the two people who passed one onto me

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Song Of The Day

I have next to no free time right now due to school (stressed out my box) so just a really quick post with a song of the day, it's been around for a while now but I really love it. I don't know if its just me, but MGMTs songs always make me feel really really nostalgic..? Their music really manages to stir up emotions in me, which is weird because they're not even one of my favourite bands. I think their songs are supposed to be fairly happy and upbeat, but I could honestly cry for ours listening to 'Kids', and for that reason I usually avoid listening to them, but I'm addicted to this song. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this reaction to MGMT! Haha.

SOTD is Electric Feel by MGMT

Peace :)

Friday, 5 March 2010

Clothes & Accessories Haul

Last post of the day, I've been on quite a roll :)
I recently bought this cardigan from New Look and it came in the post the other day.

It's a girly floral print with cute little pearl buttons. Unfortunately I had to buy the next size up because my size was out of stock, but now when I look back at the site it would appear it's no longer being sold, so I'm glad I bought it anyway. £20, but really good quality material and super soft:).

It was my brothers birthday yesterday and my mum decided she'd pick a few little things up for me too, which was lovely of her. I love what she bought, as it's definitely things I'd wear almost everyday.

She got me this headband from River Island which I love, its a black material which weaves through a little chain, I've already wore it and it was nice and comfortable on my head, as I know headbands can get painful. Success:).

She then got me this anchor necklace which I was so happy to recieve as I've had my eye on these necklaces for so long! I've seen them in a few shops, large anchors with a rope winding round them. I used to have a little tiny anchor necklace but I'll need to go hunting for it as I have no idea where it is. So it's nice to get a new one:).

Lastly a little chocolate chicken with mini eggs from Thorntons. I'm sure this won't last long although I'll try and save it for Easter :)

Anyway that's it from me today, I'm exhausted now! Have a good weekend everyone:)


Continuing on from my previous post, it's time to say I'm bored of my long brown hair.
There's nothing really wrong with it, apart from needing a serious good couple of inches cut off due to split ends, and the colour being a little worse for wear, I'm just sick of the same old thing.

Firstly, assuming I had the guts to go through with it, I'd love to get a full head of highlights and have my hair done a caramel/honey blonde colour, I have blue eyes and a fair/tan skintone so hopefully it wouldn't look unnatural. I think everyone wants to try blonde at least once in their lives! I've been dyeing my hair dark for the past 2 years and I think it's time to go for something softer. Here's an idea of the colour I have in mind:

Jessica Alba (another colour inspiration) and Kim Kardashian look beautiful as blondes or brunettes, they both get the colours right everytime. This is the hair colour I have in mind although I really am apprehensive to going this blonde. But I know my mind will never be at rest until I give it a try.

As for the cut, my fringe is in desperate need of attention. I'm sticking to my sweeping side fringe, but I need to get rid of a lot of length. I really love Pixie Lott's 'do;

I think the length is too short for me, but the parting and fringe is perfect and fits what I want exactly. I'd keep most of my length and have shorter layers about jawline to keep it interesting.

Well that's all my ideas for just now, whatever I decide on my hair needs repaired, so I'll definitely be booking an appointment in the next week. I also plan to post some pictures of what my hair is like at the moment. :)