Friday, 5 March 2010

Clothes & Accessories Haul

Last post of the day, I've been on quite a roll :)
I recently bought this cardigan from New Look and it came in the post the other day.

It's a girly floral print with cute little pearl buttons. Unfortunately I had to buy the next size up because my size was out of stock, but now when I look back at the site it would appear it's no longer being sold, so I'm glad I bought it anyway. £20, but really good quality material and super soft:).

It was my brothers birthday yesterday and my mum decided she'd pick a few little things up for me too, which was lovely of her. I love what she bought, as it's definitely things I'd wear almost everyday.

She got me this headband from River Island which I love, its a black material which weaves through a little chain, I've already wore it and it was nice and comfortable on my head, as I know headbands can get painful. Success:).

She then got me this anchor necklace which I was so happy to recieve as I've had my eye on these necklaces for so long! I've seen them in a few shops, large anchors with a rope winding round them. I used to have a little tiny anchor necklace but I'll need to go hunting for it as I have no idea where it is. So it's nice to get a new one:).

Lastly a little chocolate chicken with mini eggs from Thorntons. I'm sure this won't last long although I'll try and save it for Easter :)

Anyway that's it from me today, I'm exhausted now! Have a good weekend everyone:)


  1. love the floral cardigan!! :) the anchor necklace too

  2. Thanks for following me and I LOVE GLASGOW!!! I've had some great times there at the art museums etc. =) I can't find chips and curry quite like it in the US!!! xXx

  3. i absolutely love that cardigan :)

  4. The cardigan is beautiful!

    Love your blog btw!
    Check mine out

  5. love the cardigan!
    thank you for following my blog :) xxx

  6. That floral cardigan is gorgeous !! great haul !


  7. everything you got is lovely! I especially love the floral cardigan.

  8. cardi is gorgeous!!

  9. cardigan is beaut!!! loving the necklace as well.