Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Song Of The Day

I have next to no free time right now due to school (stressed out my box) so just a really quick post with a song of the day, it's been around for a while now but I really love it. I don't know if its just me, but MGMTs songs always make me feel really really nostalgic..? Their music really manages to stir up emotions in me, which is weird because they're not even one of my favourite bands. I think their songs are supposed to be fairly happy and upbeat, but I could honestly cry for ours listening to 'Kids', and for that reason I usually avoid listening to them, but I'm addicted to this song. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this reaction to MGMT! Haha.

SOTD is Electric Feel by MGMT

Peace :)


  1. i get nostalgic listening to them as well - they remind me of summer time :) good song choice x

  2. Haha Your Not The Only One!=L
    Lovee This Songgg :)x

  3. Love this song... and as Alice said reminds me of summer!!

    Reminds me of the pub! :D

  4. U r not alone!! I'm addict to the song MGMT-time to pretend!!! I love to listen it when I'm driving!! over and over!! I love it!!! hahaha

  5. this is like the first time i heard it
    and i really really am like in love with it now
    thank you:]
    wat a differant sound
    and feeling!

  6. im glad im not alone :L thanks for the comments everyone :)

    @amburrrrrrr im happy to have introduced it to you! :)


  7. kids is my fave MGMT song, and i'm playing Electric Feel at my wedding.

    check out my blog for your blog award!

  8. Hey sweet just so you know I tagged you in an award post on my blog :)