Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hey everyone:) thought I'd do a blog as I'm taking time out at the moment due to serious stress about my dancing exams this Saturday.
I am seriously terrified of dancing exams.
So I'm out shopping this Sunday, my last chance to buy some things before my boyfriend comes to stay with me next week (eep!). There's a tonne of things I've been wanting to buy, and theres no way I'll remember it all (or afford it all)
So why not share them with my lovely readers in the form of a wishlist?
I think I shall. :)

I only recently bought this foundation but found it runs out much quicker than any of my others have, but I actually love the way this looks on my skin so I'm fine with buying it again so soon. Has anyone else used this? I'm interested to know what other peoples experiences have been with it:).

I wasn't interested in this at first because when it comes to Lush, I'm usually only interested in the sweetie type smells like the vanilla range or honey range, but I picked this up and was surprised to find I loved it!

Love this, definitely getting this again.

Not tried the Happy Blooming Bath Melt before but it smells great:)

Stupidly used this wrong the first time! I thought it was a bubble bar as it said 'bubble bar slice' on my packaging. Then found out it was a bath melt. So I'm going to retry.
Some cute pink nail polish. :)
These studs from River Island which I think are lovely.

I also plan to take a long trip into Primark, but seeing as they don't have a website I cannot provide you with images. Basically I'll be repurchasing some white ballet flats of theirs for £6 and a black floral scarf for £3. :)


  1. Ive never acually purchases anuthing from lush before but so many people seem to like it...what are the ones in the pictures named??

  2. those studs are so cute! and i adore lush stuff, but im too poor :( have u tried the jelly shower gels? their so cute!

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