Sunday, 21 March 2010

My New Babies.

Hey chicks:)
I'm rather happy.
You see I just won an auction on ebay, yaaay :)
I'm loving ebay nowadays, it was the reason I got to see Lady Gaga in concert, and now it has provided me with a pair of tights which (in my opinion) are to die for.
They were sold out on the topshop website, they're a little risque, my mum was shocked when she saw them, but I think they could look great if worn the right way, and I've been seeing them all over the place recently.
So here they are:

They are the Henry Holland for Topshop suspender tights. They were £12 initially from Topshop, but including postage & packaging that figure goes up to £16. So I got these for £18 in total on ebay, which is only £2 more, which I'm willing to pay for these.
I wear skirts and shorts 98% of the time, so its essential for me to invest in interesting tights. The other 2% will be the extremely rare days when I wear black skinny jeans or just a pair of leggings.
I'm crazily excited now:)
Thankyou ebay!


  1. what a weird coincidence that i just did my post on this! i love these tights need to buy some, are they still at topshop or no?

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  2. love those tights and im glad to see that i'm not the only one obssessed with ebay. :D

  3. I love tights! I get sad when it gets too warm here and I can no longer wear them. These are very cute..congrats on the find!

  4. Love these, well done on finding them!

    by the by tagged you for another award :)

  5. these are some hot tights (: congrats on the auction!

    love your blog, I'd like to follow you (:


  6. thanks for the cmments everyone:)
    and i will follow you back michelle:) xx

  7. I love these tights, there amazing :)
    But i kinda got addicted and brought 3 styles of the henry holland tights.
    The knee ones, the mock stock and 2 of the super suspender ones. Love them all.
    Im too scared to wear them though, which is really silly, im finally going wear them :) x

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  8. Love those tights!

  9. Wow, lovely tights! They're so unique and I bet look super cool on. Henry Holland is really coming out with some great designs!