Sunday, 29 August 2010

I've moved!

After an extremely long hiatus, & trouble with the domain of this blog, I've decided to move to another location where I will be blogging much more frequently from now on!

I hope everyone had a great summer and I'll see you there!



Sunday, 13 June 2010


Hey people:) I'm going out for a late birthday dinner with a few friends tonight (and by late I mean my birthday was over a month ago, it got delayed due to exams¬¬) so I thought I'd do a post on my outfit and makeup seeing as I have an hour to kill before I need to leave.

Sorry some of the pictures aren't the best quality. Makeup includes:

♥ Revlon Colourstay
♥ Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
♥ MAC Studio Fix Concealer
♥ Elf Complexion Perfection Powder
♥ MAC Blush in Well Dressed
♥ Benefit Hoola Bronzer

♥ a combination of blue eyeshadows from my coastal scents 88 warm & virgin vie palette
♥ Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner
♥ Sleek Eye Kajal
♥ MAC Plush Lash Mascara

♥ Elf Lip Liner in Natural Blush
♥ Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Blush

I also filled in my eyebrows with a dark brown eyeshadow.

Ruched Cream Dress - Topshop
Belt - H&M
Tights - Henry Holland for Topshop (I have a post on these here)
Sunnies - H&M
Shoes - Primark!
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Denim Jacket - Primark
Bag - H&M
Pearl Bracelets - not too sure as these were a gift, possibly Miss Selfridge

I know nude shoes and black tights aren't exactly a flattering combination, but tonight I just decided to go with it, I love these shoes and tights and my lower half will basically be hidden underneath a restaurant table all night anyways! I may come back to this post and update/edit it later just to give a bit more info on some of the clothes seeing as I'm in a rush right now, have a good Sunday night everyone:) If you have any questions ask away in the comments! xxx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

NOTD 9/6/10

Hey everyone:) Today I have my first proper NOTD post to share with you, I've talked about some nail products before but never in much depth. Here's the polish I've been wearing the past day (more like a nails of yesterday post, but nevermind).

The nail polish is 090 Posh Pink by Revlon, who are pretty much my favourite drugstore brand right now. The second last image shows the polish with a flash and the last is in natural light, you can see that it's 'real life' colour is much more of a bright bubblegum pink, so it's completely suitable for summer. This also applied really nicely, maybe even one of the nicest nail polish applications I've ever had? It's smooth and consistant, no streaks, and no crappy air bubbles! Which is great as they're one of my pet peeves when it comes to nails:). I applied 3 coats of this in the end to see what the full colour pay off and coverage was like, but I think this polish looks pretty with even just one coat. Next time I wear this I'm planning to use just the one coat but with a sparkly polish on top. I was hesitant to buying this polish as the first I bought by Revlon *cough Tropical Temptation! cough*, although an absolutely gorgeous coral colour, turned out VERY streaky and air bubbly. So I'm happy I took a risk and decided to fork out another almost £7 for this. Generally I think Revlon products are a luxury to use so I don't actually mind taking chances with them:).

That's all on this for now, I'll most likely return again today for a couple more summery posts :) I left school at 11.30 today so I got lots of free time. I'm loving it! Now I'm away to drink green tea and make lunch! Take care peeps xxx

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Hey people:)
I'm off to a barbeque tonight so I thought I'd quickly share my outfit:

Align Centre

Sorry my webcam quality is awful! But I was in a very big hurry.
Shirt - Primark
Vest Top - Primark
Belt - Primark
Skirt - H&M
I have some jewellery on but you can't see it, just some pearl earrings and an oversized ring.

Have a great night everyone:) xx

I'm Back! With A Primark & New Look Haul +

It's been too long.
Way, way, waay too long. But I am finally back! My exams are over (praise thee lord) and although I doubt I'll have passed with flying colours, I'm just happy they're finally done and I can go back to having a social life and of course blogging!

Of course it's sods law that I would spend hours making a new layout before I officially went on study leave, then the site hosting my fonts would go and break! Grr, so until it sorts itself out, I'm back to basic everyday fontyness.

Okay anyway, what better way to come back into the blogosphere than with a haul from Primarni? I absolutely love Primark hauls, they're probably one of my favourite posts to read, the store is so accessible and you get so much for your money. I also have a few little things from New Look and one coveted item from Sleek which I managed to get my hands on.

Wow, for once I actually have some natural light to take my pictures in! So I got this stripey blue and white shirt, I actually saw it as I was coming out of the (packed) changing rooms, where one of the staff paraded the corridors shouting 'HAS ANYONE GOT ASTHMA?? IM GONNA SPRAY SOMETHING!' haha, something I've never witnessed in any other store changing rooms before. Primark, gotta love it. Anyway, the shirt came with a plaited brown belt which compliments it wonderfully in my opinion. The material is soft and light, and my favourite way to wear this shirt is unbuttoned and tied in a knot with a vest top underneath, or half tucked into a body con skirt. The floral cardigan was the last I could find and luckily was in my size, another light and versatile piece for summer. Both are from Primark.

Next up is a white wash denim jacket which I fell in love with, also pretty versatile and I'll def be 'popping the collar' with this one:). The floral scarf on the right I'd been wanting for months but had never seen in any Primark store, until yesterday and at £3 it was a bargain, (I later went into Topshop and seen an almost identical scarf for 18 quid, but I actually prefer the Primark one anyways). I have to say I got a bit floral-happy, I got this black floral skirt and a cute little pair of flats with frill layering over the toes, the floral insole is a nice touch too.

I popped into New Look and got some things, despite being out of cash at this stage, my friend tought me how to pay for things using my bank card. So now I'll be permanently skint, yay:). I saw this little shopper bag and just thought it was adorable! Very shabby chic, couldn't leave without it.

The flower is one of those little headbands that you see everywhere nowadays with oversized flowers attatched to them, I think they're gorgeous and I can't wait to wear this in summer. The socks were just a little extra to feed my floral addiction♥.

I also went to Superdrug where I bought one of the Sleek Eye Kajal's, I know I'm late on the bandwagon but seriously, every store I've been into looking for one of these they've been completely sold out! The one I picked up was the last left in black, there was about 3 others but they were all purple. I'm already completely in love with it. It's far better than any other eyeliner I've used, pencil or automatic. It's smooth and inky on the waterline and lasts a fairly long time! I may upload some pictures to show how it looks on, but I'm sure you've all seen multiple reviews on it by now anyways.

This has been a very long post, but I guess that's what happens when I don't blog for agees. I want to say thankyou to all my followers, old and new, for being patient with me while I've been away:) I really appreciate it♥.

That's all for now peeps, peace xx

Friday, 7 May 2010

New Blog Name & Layout

Hi everyone, just a note to say I've changed my blog name & URL (same blog though), I am now Kara @ as you may have noticed from my new header. I thought I'd change the layout around while I was at it, and all I can say is what a bloody task! But I think it turned out quite well, do you like it? Let me know:)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Superdrug & Topshop Haul !

Okay so it's half 9 the night before my prelim and I'm sitting with my maths notes infront of me and not understanding any of it, I am simply lying to myself pretending that I am studying when I know I'm not. I think the fact I started at half 9 the day before prooves that I was really never going to study for it. So instead I am going to do a haul for you lovely people, just a couple of things I got today, mostly for a party I'm going to next weekend. (Last one before exams start!)

Barry M Nail Paint in the famous 304 mint green. I would never have bought this colour if it wasn't for the million blog posts I've seen on it, I think I've been slowly brainwashed into it! Haha, but I actually like the colour on so I'm quite happy with it:)

NYC in Superdrug are doing a 2 for £3 on selected products and I wanted some false eyelashes for the party I'm going to this saturday, the last time I wore any was years ago so it'll be interesting to see how badly I manage to apply them! These ones are self adhesive but I'm hesitant as to how long they'll last, I have some lash glue lying around just in case.

The 2nd item I bought from NYC was this 7 inch eyeliner, handy as I was running out of my own and in desperate need of a new one, so I should be okay for black liner the next couple of months!

Some hair treatment to renourish my locks, they've not been looking their best lately I'm afraid to say. I've never tried this before but will do a review on it at some point.

Then I went to Topshop where the mid season sale was on. I hate any sale, in Topshop, ever. I love some of the things you can find of course but it's like everyone goes crazy, its so intimidating! Anyway I found this on one of the rails, I thought it was gorgeous! It's a cropped top made of extremely light cool material with little black bows at the end of each stripe and little frills along the hem. It was reduced to £10, which I still think is a little expensive for this, which is why I rarely shop in Topshop.

And finally, I bought this divine cream bandeau dress which I've had my eye on forever! It was in the 'buy it now regret it later' section and I was in need of a new party dress anyway so I thought I'd go for it. It was the last one in my size and there was a tiny snag on the back of the dress so we pointed it out at the counter and they gave me £9 off! Couldn't believe it. So I got this baby for a total of £36. Not bad if I say so myself:) This is how it looks on:

I think it would look better with more of a tan but I love it nonetheless.
Hope everyone had a good weekend:) Peace