Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why Can't This Be Me?

Super quick post as I'm sitting beside my own weight in homework atm, and am about to pop to Ikea to have a look around. I loove Ikea! So that sounds like a good study break to me.

Anyway, an image I came across on a Swedish blog today.
Love everything about it, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Of course, she would have on the exact coat I've been wanting my whole life (or at least since the start of this year, but it feels a lot longer). I love the simplicity of the outfit underneath, the hair, the makeup, the bag. The only thing I'm unsure on is the shoes, although I adore the silver studs on them.

So what do you think of it? Love or hate?


  1. the shoes to me seems kinda okay, but i love the bag. gorgeous. who is she??

  2. i believe she is a model called bianca balti, but i found this image via a website called stockholm street style xx

  3. love! <3
    hope you have a good time at ikea! :) xo

  4. Love the outfit of the model!!!But shoes are not into me too!!!

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I am swimming in my weight in homework too. I have finals this week..yuck! Best of luck getting it all done darling! xoxo

  6. definately love this out.
    the coat is amazing and bright red lipstick is wonderfulx

  7. I love how the red lips grab attention from an otherwise neutral outfit. (: