Friday, 19 March 2010

Interior Inspiration Needed!

Hey people!
I'm in need of help from anyone who can offer it to me:)
I'm desperately wanting to redecorate my room, and I'd love to know of any websites which offer a good range of images for bedroom inspiration. Any websites which offer shabby chic designs, or just basically cute girly ideas for decorating. Or any sites which sell decorations for that kind thing. If you know of any please leave them in the comments below, I'd really appreciate it.

I already have a day bed with white bars around the sides which I love, some candles, fairylights, white walls with a hot pink/reddish carpet, matching curtains, some little white baskets with florals on the inside etc which will all contribute to how I want my room to look. I'm thinking of buying lots of little cushions and maybe reinvesting in a mosquito net, and decorations to hang from the ceiling etc. Any ideas towards this theme would help so much! I love when bloggers do interior posts but I know everyone has other things to blog about than just interiors, but images really will help me in this situation.

Thanks guys:)


  1. You're welcome :)

    Here are the sites that I know are tried and true for inspiration. You can always harass google too!:

    Have a lovely weekend and good luck redecorating! It should be fun xXx

  2. im not sure about websites, but there are PLENTY of mags about that kind of thing, i was looking through some when i was redecorating myself!

    VAMPIRES-AND-CARDIGANS.BLOGSPOT.COM - Dont forget to enter the Giveaway!


  3. @Hope harass google, haha:L i always do:)thankyou for the links! so useful:)

    @Charlie omgosh yes, i forgot about magazines. how dotey of me:) thankyou!!