Sunday, 28 February 2010


Hey everyone:)
So here's a post on some of my favourite accessories at the moment and the ones I wear just about everyday, and also what I wore to the party I was at on Saturday.

So this is definitely one of my favourite rings at the moment. I always seem to wear it on the index finger of my left hand, it's heartshaped and has a little glass outer covering over a floral pattern. It was from Accessorize and I can't remember how much it cost exactly but my guess is around £6. They still sold this last time I was in the store. The only problem I had with this ring is that it left a blue/green mark on your skin (as fake metal does) but I fixed this by painting the inside with nail polish, and no more ugly green marks:).

This is another favourite of mine, it was a present for my Christmas and came from a little boutique in a mall near where I live, they sell some absolutely gorgeous things in that store. Anyway, this was a little pricier due to its size and this one is real metal, so I don't need to worry about any marks. I really love the unusual design and I think every girl needs one or two oversized rings in their collection:). I always get compliments when I wear this one.

This was another gift, this one from my friend at Christmas. It was from H&M and they have it in a couple of different colours I think, however this is my favourite. It's painted specially so that each side shows up a different colour in the light. The outside is mostly blues, greens, pinks and peaches, and the inside is a vibrant purple. I'm so happy I was given this as it's not something I'd have ever picked up for myself, but I absolutely love it and it looks gorgeous with every outfit, so thanks to the person who got me this!:)

Not the best picture but the picture below may offer something better of it, this necklace is large and chunky, but was only £2.50 from Primark. It's a gold chain and ribbon with a bow and I think it makes an outfit look very cute. I do have several necklaces I favour more than this but I thought I would mention it seeing as it was such good value for money!

This is essentially what I wore to the party. It's a peach jumper with a front panel of white lace and some high waisted black shorts from H&M. I also wore the Primark necklace with this as you can see, but the rest of the outfit which is not included in this picture was:
- a pair of lace tights from River Island
- the two rings & bangle in this post
- a black thin belt with gold studs which I wore just below my hips
- a pair of white quilted shoes with black toes and a chain&ribbon running across the front from Primark:) I would have worn some black high wedges from H&M but the host didn't want us to wear high shoes indoors!

I'm going to see Lady Gaga at the SECC tomorrow and still don't know what to wear, I dont actually have that much time to get changed after school & do my hair and makeup as I'm going out with my dad who's just back from Australia. I also have some interview at school tomorrow about continuing my education next year which I've been dreading, and I've been called for a job interview at La Senza on thursday! Really no idea what to expect as my last job didn't require an interview, I'll just need to do the best I can.
Goodnight for now:)


  1. the curved bracelet is really beautiful. I like things that are actually real metal and I don't mind paying more for them. Don't you just hate it when your favourite bracelet drops and breaks because it's made of of plastic or something? That's the worst :(

  2. cute accessories - i love the ring. i was wondering why i was getting a blue/green mark on my finger - but now i know why. thanks for the advice! :)

  3. pretty accessories :) I love them all. The outfit you wore sounds absolutely gorgeous! I didn't know that about the nail polish on the ring.. thanks for the tip! xx

  4. @Oskar, yes i hate it too! my plastic bracelets are always getting caught on things and exploding everywhere :L

    thankyou everyone, the trick is so simple yet genius, im happy to have helped, one less inconvenience in our lives :L xxx

  5. what cute goodies!
    so jealous of you seeing gaga.
    fuck me for living in BFE.
    hope you had an ahhhmazing time!

  6. I soooo want to see Lady Gaga!! Hope you had a great time =)

    And adore the necklace, it's gorgeous!


  7. i love that ring
    all your jewelry is beautiful


    cute blog

  8. Love the accessories and that outfit <3
    This is such a cute blog (:

    I'm following!

    xx, Melissa

  9. I love that bracelet!!!! Nice blog =)

  10. Thankyou everyone:) Gaga was everything I expected and more, definitely worth buying a ticket when she comes to your city! xx