Thursday, 25 February 2010

Drugstore Mini Haul: Part 2

Hello peeps:)
So here's the rest of my drugstore haul I promised you..

The two lipsticks I got from Rimmel; Pink Blush and Nude Delight.
I love these lipsticks, even though they're from different ranges they are both so moisturising. I have 5 lipsticks from Rimmel which I use at the moment and even the darkest colours feel like borderline lip balms. Both are really pigmented and slightly scented, which for me is good, I have a thing a
bout lipsticks smelling yummy haha. So far my favourite of the two is Pink Blush (the pink one) as it is a matte Barbie pink colour. Nude Delight is actually a fairly unusual colour unlike one I've ever used before, so I'm looking forward to experimenting with it. Swatches are further down this post.

Gosh were doing an amazing offer which I couldn't say no to, as I mentioned in my previous post, it was buy any 2 Gosh products and get the Light N Shine Lip Glaze free. I chose number 04 which is your standard pink lipgloss, but it has gorgeous pink, gold, green and blue shimmers through it. Although I usually like my lipglosses to give a good hint of colour, I like this lipgloss despite its tendancy to be more sparkley than pigmented (although this might not be the case with other shades). It smells sweet and for those of you who haven't came across this gloss before, the packaging is amazing. It comes with a mirror and lights in the lid to help you apply it in dark places, which I love haha, so I'm glad I got this. Swatches are below.

From left to right: Gosh Lip Glaze, Rimmel Lasting Finish Pink Blush, Rimmel Moisture Renew Nude Delight.

I was running low on powder so I got this one from Rimmel, it was the 'brightening' that drew me in. The packaging includes a mirror and a sponge underneath. I'd say this powder was quite full coverage so rather than use the sponge to really pack it on I'll use a fluffy face brush to apply it over my foundation, as lots of powder tends not to sit well with my skin texture.

And finally probably my all-round favourite thing from this haul is the Gosh Nail Lacquer in 045 Silk. I absolutely love the colour of this. At first it's quite a translucent peachy/neutral pink, so I used 3 coats of this on my nails and I love the final result. The colour looks fresh on and I think it's a gorgeous wearable dolly/baby pink colour. I've had this on the past couple of days and have no chips at all, so far so good! I'll definitely be buying more of these in the future.

That's all for just now, I think I have my outfit sorted for a party I'm going to this Saturday so I'll try and get some pictures and blog about that later today. Thanks guys x


  1. Cute blog Kara. : ) Thanks so much for following mine! All you beautiful UK ladies tease me with your drugstore finds and brands I am dying to try! I am loving that Gosh nailpolish. All things Gosh will be mine when I head over to London this summer. I can't wait.

    I would totally recommend getting the Lip Erase from MAC (its a pro product only though). It is the best all the lip erasers out there. I like it over the Urban Decay Lip Primer, which doesn't really tone down the color of the lip but does smooth and make the lip look better. HTH! xoxo

  2. i like the nude delight.


  3. thankyou people:)

    @Logan, thankyou it sounds worth a try im imagining its a bit pricey though:) haha, i love gosh but im desperate to go back to the usa and try all the american brands, and its no problem:) xxx

  4. stumbled across your blog :) love it! i noticed that your "about me" description was pretty similar to mine in terms of interests :P anyways, great post!
    ps. check out my blog :)!

  5. Great post sweetie(:
    Gorgeous lipstick shades there

  6. heyy pretty.
    thanks for following me.
    I just followed you back^^

    daily visiting now~~

  7. thankyou for all your comments:) xx