Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm Back! With A Primark & New Look Haul +

It's been too long.
Way, way, waay too long. But I am finally back! My exams are over (praise thee lord) and although I doubt I'll have passed with flying colours, I'm just happy they're finally done and I can go back to having a social life and of course blogging!

Of course it's sods law that I would spend hours making a new layout before I officially went on study leave, then the site hosting my fonts would go and break! Grr, so until it sorts itself out, I'm back to basic everyday fontyness.

Okay anyway, what better way to come back into the blogosphere than with a haul from Primarni? I absolutely love Primark hauls, they're probably one of my favourite posts to read, the store is so accessible and you get so much for your money. I also have a few little things from New Look and one coveted item from Sleek which I managed to get my hands on.

Wow, for once I actually have some natural light to take my pictures in! So I got this stripey blue and white shirt, I actually saw it as I was coming out of the (packed) changing rooms, where one of the staff paraded the corridors shouting 'HAS ANYONE GOT ASTHMA?? IM GONNA SPRAY SOMETHING!' haha, something I've never witnessed in any other store changing rooms before. Primark, gotta love it. Anyway, the shirt came with a plaited brown belt which compliments it wonderfully in my opinion. The material is soft and light, and my favourite way to wear this shirt is unbuttoned and tied in a knot with a vest top underneath, or half tucked into a body con skirt. The floral cardigan was the last I could find and luckily was in my size, another light and versatile piece for summer. Both are from Primark.

Next up is a white wash denim jacket which I fell in love with, also pretty versatile and I'll def be 'popping the collar' with this one:). The floral scarf on the right I'd been wanting for months but had never seen in any Primark store, until yesterday and at £3 it was a bargain, (I later went into Topshop and seen an almost identical scarf for 18 quid, but I actually prefer the Primark one anyways). I have to say I got a bit floral-happy, I got this black floral skirt and a cute little pair of flats with frill layering over the toes, the floral insole is a nice touch too.

I popped into New Look and got some things, despite being out of cash at this stage, my friend tought me how to pay for things using my bank card. So now I'll be permanently skint, yay:). I saw this little shopper bag and just thought it was adorable! Very shabby chic, couldn't leave without it.

The flower is one of those little headbands that you see everywhere nowadays with oversized flowers attatched to them, I think they're gorgeous and I can't wait to wear this in summer. The socks were just a little extra to feed my floral addiction♥.

I also went to Superdrug where I bought one of the Sleek Eye Kajal's, I know I'm late on the bandwagon but seriously, every store I've been into looking for one of these they've been completely sold out! The one I picked up was the last left in black, there was about 3 others but they were all purple. I'm already completely in love with it. It's far better than any other eyeliner I've used, pencil or automatic. It's smooth and inky on the waterline and lasts a fairly long time! I may upload some pictures to show how it looks on, but I'm sure you've all seen multiple reviews on it by now anyways.

This has been a very long post, but I guess that's what happens when I don't blog for agees. I want to say thankyou to all my followers, old and new, for being patient with me while I've been away:) I really appreciate it♥.

That's all for now peeps, peace xx


  1. Love all the florals.

  2. @helen im glad im not the only one!

  3. beautiful clothes!!;P i love floral print!!!