Thursday, 15 April 2010

Update On Me & Complete Ramble :)

I'm finally back!
I've been completely neglecting my blog so far this month! But those days are over, and I have missed you!
Firstly, 98 followers?? I have no idea how that happened and I don't deserve that many after almost 2 weeks of no blogging :( I'm not worthy! But thankyou to all my followers, old and new, it means the world to me that people actually take an interest in this :)

So the reasons why I've been completely seperated from my blog are that my boyfriend came to stay the first week of the easter hols, and as you can imagine any time we get together is extremely precious to us so for the duration of that I barely touched my laptop, (with the exception of signing on for itunes, which I HATE.) Below are a few pictures my boyfriend took of me while I dodged every shot at all costs. I've only uploaded 3 but there I have a folder full of the back of my head.

That last picture made me laugh when I saw it, there were actually tonnes like this and I had no idea he and my brother had been taking them as I was too busy hiding, ha! (Please appreciate that I don't want to make this blog too personal, the focus stays on makeup & fashion, which is the reason I won't post pictures of my family/friends, and for this reason won't be uploading any direct pictures of my boyfriend). After he had returned home I was basically too depressed & absorbed in missing him to do much apart from mope about, but this week things have been going back to normal.

So instead of writing even more than a novel, I'm simply going to summarise my day in pictures and just caption them saying what theyre to do with:) & I plan to get back into the swing of things this week.
Thanks peeps:)

Top Row L-R: Cute letter from the bf; Sims 3 (love the sims, like this so far); random shot of me behind my camera this morning; products I've been loving this week
Middle L-R: favourite highlighter from Bloom (superdrug); swatch of said highlighter; nails this week - Barry M 293
Bottom L-R; comforter bubble bar before bath; comforter in bath (got a tonne of bubbles from such a little piece!; the amount left over; sunset from upstairs window



  1. you still look freekin adorable in those pics!
    gotta love the BF! <3

  2. Ahaa, i liked your little ramble :)
    and the little pitures are cute :D

  3. @julianne thankyou so much lovely!:)
    @blahh thankyou, its reassuring that rambling isnt a complete waste of time:)


  4. Such cute photographs :)
    I love the sims aswell, I have decided not to buy the sims 3 though because i will get addicted and neglect my real life hahha how shameful to admit! xx

  5. @Stevie thankyou:) and tell me about it, I haven't seen my friends all week haha! xx

  6. i also am a fan of vintage,
    follow me please to ? (:
    also how did you get 3 rows of places to put things?
    email me plase

  7. @amanda i sent you an email, hope it helps xx