Sunday, 25 April 2010

Superdrug & Topshop Haul !

Okay so it's half 9 the night before my prelim and I'm sitting with my maths notes infront of me and not understanding any of it, I am simply lying to myself pretending that I am studying when I know I'm not. I think the fact I started at half 9 the day before prooves that I was really never going to study for it. So instead I am going to do a haul for you lovely people, just a couple of things I got today, mostly for a party I'm going to next weekend. (Last one before exams start!)

Barry M Nail Paint in the famous 304 mint green. I would never have bought this colour if it wasn't for the million blog posts I've seen on it, I think I've been slowly brainwashed into it! Haha, but I actually like the colour on so I'm quite happy with it:)

NYC in Superdrug are doing a 2 for £3 on selected products and I wanted some false eyelashes for the party I'm going to this saturday, the last time I wore any was years ago so it'll be interesting to see how badly I manage to apply them! These ones are self adhesive but I'm hesitant as to how long they'll last, I have some lash glue lying around just in case.

The 2nd item I bought from NYC was this 7 inch eyeliner, handy as I was running out of my own and in desperate need of a new one, so I should be okay for black liner the next couple of months!

Some hair treatment to renourish my locks, they've not been looking their best lately I'm afraid to say. I've never tried this before but will do a review on it at some point.

Then I went to Topshop where the mid season sale was on. I hate any sale, in Topshop, ever. I love some of the things you can find of course but it's like everyone goes crazy, its so intimidating! Anyway I found this on one of the rails, I thought it was gorgeous! It's a cropped top made of extremely light cool material with little black bows at the end of each stripe and little frills along the hem. It was reduced to £10, which I still think is a little expensive for this, which is why I rarely shop in Topshop.

And finally, I bought this divine cream bandeau dress which I've had my eye on forever! It was in the 'buy it now regret it later' section and I was in need of a new party dress anyway so I thought I'd go for it. It was the last one in my size and there was a tiny snag on the back of the dress so we pointed it out at the counter and they gave me £9 off! Couldn't believe it. So I got this baby for a total of £36. Not bad if I say so myself:) This is how it looks on:

I think it would look better with more of a tan but I love it nonetheless.
Hope everyone had a good weekend:) Peace



  2. That dress looks gorgeous on you! I love the smell of Aussie stuff, it makes my hair really soft!

  3. @Boo same, don't think it'll be around much longer though! they also have it in black:) xx

  4. @Laura thankyou! I'll try and get an OOTD, FATD and HATD when I wear it to this party:) and same haha its gorge xxx

  5. What's that hair product do/supposed to do? x x

  6. that dress is lovely :) ive seen a few people wearing it :) and i find self adhesive lashes easier to apply :) xx

  7. the dress looks so lovely on you! nice deal!

    also, i'm having my first ever giveaway over at my blog and would love for you to enter!


  8. great buys
    gorgeous dress dear! love it so much

    join my giveaway :) 1205 giveaway

  9. omg, i adore that dress. jealous :(
    you look gorgeous.

  10. @Rachel it claims to deeply moisturise, revitalise and nourish long hair with the use of eucalyptus extract and avocado oil, smells delish! im trying it out tonight so expect a review:)

    @Sarah i think so too im definitely pleased with it, i hope thats the case for me:)

    @Cara thankyou! despite my crappy pictures and lighting haha

    @Charlie thankyou so much, I reckon I look terrible, so its always nice to be assured otherwise

    @fhen thankyou:) i'll make sure to take a look

    @Sarah if you get to topshop quick enough they should still have one or two left:) thankyou! <3

  11. nice dress! it suits you perfectly!

  12. That's so sweet how you two met! I love this blue nail polish too :)